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What is Frequency Therapy?

September 11, 2022 3 min read

What is Frequency Therapy?

Frequency therapy is another way to treat the body naturally without using medication.  It sends the specific frequencies to your body to treat the area of dis-ease  you have at that point in time.  When I realised that I could realign my body's frequency and ease any aches, pain and illnesses I had to share this with everyone. Frequency therapy has been around for centuries but squashed my big pharma because they cant make money off something that is healing you naturally. 

How can Frequency Therapy help me?

I will help you realign your bodies energy field on the outer area as well as on a cellular level.  The frequencies harmonize the cells inside your body so they are working at their fullest potential.  Think of this like a battery charger, you need to charge your phone when it goes flat, healy is no different to that. You charge up your cells within so you are feeling amazing on a cellular level and personal level. 
It can help with aches, pains, dis-ease in the body, clearing negative energies, detoxing, recharging your immune system, and so much more. There are over 200 programs to choose from that will help you in your daily life.  
What benefits will I get from Frequency Therapy?
Any other questions you can think of (maybe 6) that is like a ‘dummy guide to frequency therapy’.

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What is frequency?

A frequency is the wave that is emitted off something.  absolutely everything has a frequency in this world and it can be measured using special reading tools.  Your house has a frequency, your car, the tree's in your garden, the kitchen table and YOU have a frequency.  Your bodies frequency is called your bioenergetic field. you may have heard this language befor and not understood what it was. It is the energy and frequency waves that is emitted from your body and healy can measure that and tell you what is out of alignment.  

Why do people say everything is energy frequency and vibration?

Energy frequency and vibration are how we measure something and how we make things work.
We send signal / frequencies to communicate
We use energy to power things and make things work
We use vibration to make sounds, create energy and send signals. the three go hand in hand together. 
When you press the button on your car keys to unlock your car, that sends a frequency to unlock your car. It sends a specific frequency that is programmed to your car so it only unlocks your car and not the next door neighbour's car. 
or when you press send on your email it know where to send it....? 
Scientists like Einstein, Nicola Tesla  have been using energy, frequency and vibration in all of their work and discoveries. 

Will it electrocute me or hurt?

No it won't electrocute you at all. it has an intensity dial so you are in full control of the intensity of the microcurrents. Some people like to feel it and go up to 100% and some don't and keep the intensity  at 15%. it is working no matter how high or low you put the intensity. 
You may feel little tingles in your hands and fingers or where you have the electrodes on the body. it's kind of like butterflies or the tingly feeling you get when your foot goes to sleep. 

Are there any contraindications? 

Yes, we don't use the electrodes on the body if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have epilepsy. We use something different called a coil which sends a magnetic field rather than the micro-current. 
You could feel detox type symptoms after using Healy because it is stirring up things in the body and releasing them. 
You may experience a really deep sleep or a restless sleep, like any energy work it does stir things up and can be slightly uncomfortable while releasing. 
You need to drink lots of water to help move things in the body, getting out to nature and grounding yourself is always great if you can and eating healthy foods.
Em Hill
Em Hill

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