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Why Ange turned to Frequency Therapy

October 04, 2022 2 min read

Why Ange turned to Frequency Therapy

Hmmmm, well this is a big question.

I suffered with depression, anxiety, felt stuck in life with no direction or sense of joy. This happened in full force once I had my second child while living in a toxic environment / relationship. I couldn’t see a way out but I knew I didn’t want to keep living this way. 

I went to the doctor’s I got medication to take, I had a care plan to see counsellor’s and this didn’t really help at all it only really made me foggy and numb in the mind. I needed something that would activate my sense help me see the possibilities and break free of these negative situation I was in.

My mum has an auto immune disease, fibromyalgia and a list long of things that doctors cant explain why she has them, how to treat them or why they were caused?

This got me thinking…..

Modern medicine wasn’t helping me or my mum, so I started to look outside the box into the natural realm of healing / medicine.

A beautiful friend shared with me a youtube link of Don Tolman, the whole food medicine man.

Then I started using doterra essential oils

I practiced meditation, yoga and was drawn to retreats of personal development.

Then I learnt about energy and frequency and this is when the game changed for me. My energy and frequency in my body was completely out and radiating at a VERY LOW frequency.  

I met HEALY and was in ore of how I could reprogram myself at home with frequencies and meditation. I was refiring and wiring new thoughts and patterns within the brain so I wasn’t living in constant lack or fear. 

I felt amazing after my first session of using HEALY and needed one for myself.

To begin with I started focusing on my anxiety and stress that I had, so I ran program that had the right frequencies to realign my nervous system.  I started to have the fogginess clear from my brain, I could think clearer and I felt 100% better than I was on the medication from the doctors.

I hope you have loved learning my journey about Frequency Therapy, if you are interested to get started or learn more you can checkout the Healy Website.

Em Hill
Em Hill

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